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Roller shutter accessories.Stoppers.

Standard stopper for PVC or aluminum roller shutter are installed in the lower profile of shutter panel. It is useful to avoid rolling the shutter completely up into the shutter casing cover.

Colours:white, brown, silver, beige and golden

Size:40mm lenght.


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Steel shaft for roller shutters.

42mm or 60 mm galvanized steel shafts are used into the  shutter box in integrated roller shutter as well as built-in roller shutters.

42 mm shaft:  ideal for mini , front mounted roller shutters, compact system and integrated roller shutters.

60mm shaft: ideal for roller shutters with a built in box, for aluminum or PVC shutters.

42mm x 0,4mm thickness

60mm x 0,4mm thickness.

*Linear meter price.

If any further information or size is required please contact us on our cinact form.

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Spring hangers for roller shutters.

Aluminum or PVC roller shutter fittings.

Safety and fixing springs has to be clipped into the steel shaft grooves. Suitable for 42mm or 60 mm steel shafts.

Size: 106mm width x 140mm length

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Ball bearing with steel or plastic inner ring.

Ball bearing for 10mm or 12 mm connectig rods thickness.These bearings can be used in integrated or built in roller shutters.

Nylon-metal ball bearing, 10mmthickness: 28 mm diameter

Nylon-metal ball bearing, 12 mm thickness: 28 mm diameter

Metal ball bearing, 10mmthickness: 28 mm diameter

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Shutter strap.

Ideal strap for manual aluminum or PVC roller shutters.

You can also find different colours and sizes.

16mm, 18mm and 20 mm strap width.

*Supplied in 50mts rollers.

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Swivel strap coiler.

Special swivel coiler for 14mm, 18 mm, and 20 mm strap. Simply pull the strap to raise the shutter or release is allowing the shutter to close.

Available colours: White and Brown.

20 mm Strap coiler (white strap coiler picture)

14 mm and 18 mm Strap coiler (beige strap coiler picture)

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Roller shutter strap accessories.

Ideal strap roller for aluminum or PVC integrated roller shuitter. It can be installed on the upper part of the shutter box cover and there the strap goes out to the strap coiler.

As well as it is ideal for built-in roller shutters.

You can choose between straps roller for integrated roller shutter(14mm, 16mm, 18 mm and 20mm strap )or built-in roller shutter(22 mm trap).

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Flush-mounted strap coiler.

Wall-mounted plastic strap coiler boxes for integrated roller shutters that consists of a 18 mm or 20 mm strap guide and a plastic cover plate.

Roller strap is included.

18 mm or 20 mm standard strap coiler.

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