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Roller shutter accessories.
Steel shaft for roller shutters.
To install a steel shaft that fits to your roller shutter size.
Octogonal galvanized shafts.

Steel shaft linear meter. As well as rolling shutters up, it can roll venetian blinds and awnings.

Cut to size steel shaft. 42mm steel shafts are used in integrated roller shutters, (compact  or front mounted system) while 60mm steel shafts are used in built-in roller shutters.

Steel shaft for roller shutters.

42mm or 60 mm galvanized steel shafts are used into the  shutter box in integrated roller shutter as well as built-in roller shutters.

42 mm shaft:  ideal for mini , front mounted roller shutters, compact system and integrated roller shutters.

60mm shaft: ideal for roller shutters with a built in box, for aluminum or PVC shutters.

42mm x 0,4mm thickness

60mm x 0,4mm thickness.

*Linear meter price.

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