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Manual or electrically operated roof mounted kerb window.
Special flat roof windows.
Choose from different windows sizes.
Flat roof window in wood or white polyurethane finish.

Traditional kerb mounted roof window.

VELUX flat roof products enable daylight and fresh air to enter your home. kitchen, bathrooms, hallways...

It is available in wood or white polyurethane finish and diferent size to best fit your requirements.

Special flat roof windows.

This VELUX flat roof kerbs is a solution that allows an easy and quick installation with the quality and guarantee of VELUX.

VELUX flat roof windows enable daylight to enter your home, solar protection with VELUX blinds and shutters,and allows fresh air in, even when the window is closed with its ventilation flap.

  • VELUX roof window in wood or white polyurethane finish with an insulated timber kerb.   
  • Remote control  or manual   opening of the window.
  • With an angle of inclination of 19º.
  • Blinds and shutters for protection and decoration  can be added.
  • Inner frame made from varnished pine wood.
  • Insulating glazing with laminated security glass.                                                                                                                  


Available in wood or white polyurethane finish.

Glass: laminated  pane 3+3/14,5 Argon/4 toughened outer pane

It can be installed into roofs with a pitch between 0º-15º.

Model-Size(new installation windows):

C02 - 60 x 94 cm

C04 - 60 x 115 cm

F06 - 70 x 136 cm

M04 - 80 x 115 cm 

M06 - 80 x 136 cm

M08 - 80 x 159 cm

P04 - 100 x 115 cm

P10 - 100 x 181 cm

S06 - 120 x 136 cm

U04 - 140 x 115 cm

U08 - 140 x 159 cm

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