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Aluminum window screen.
Fixed window screen.
Ideal fixed insect screen for summer.
Fixed insect screen available in different finishes.

Fixed insect screen are custom made to fit any size window. Fixed mesh made in aluminum and glass fabric.

Now you can enjoy the breath of fresh air with windows entirely open avoiding to suffer insect bites.

Even if the minimum order will be 1 m2, they can be made in other sizes, bigger or smaller.

Fixed window screen.

These window screens are easily detachable and are low maintenance. Fixed mesh made in aluminum and fiberglass fabric.

Fixed insect screen are a useful and economic system for home windows openings in bedrooms, kitchens… to provide complete insect protection.

This insect screen can be attached and permanently fixed into the window  or door hole with the perimeter protection system and with stoppers supplied. Available in a wide range of color profiles for being completely built in your current carpentry.  Easily detachable it allows an easy removal and storage of your fly screens during winter.

Finish: white, silver, bronze, stainless steel , gold and wooden lacquered.

*NOTE: Custom made. Minimum order 1 m2.

*Price per m2.


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