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Bonsai gardening tools and supplies.
Complete Bonsai tool kit.D3693162
Complete bonsai tool set.
Bonsai tool set.

Complete bonsai tool set. Trimming scissors. Concave cutter for bonsais.

Every tool you will need for looking after your bonsai\\\\\\\'s..onsai tree tools are no different from other garden  tools.  They need to be clean, sharp and disinfected.  After use, wash  in detergent and water, dry and oil them.  Many people now use Camellia  oil (available through many bonsai dealers.)

Complete Bonsai tool kit.D3693162

This tool kit includes most of tools required to keep your trees looking their best.Bonsai tools for all your bonsai needs .

-D36.93162:Bud trimming shears.These long narrow shears help to reach buds at all angles and deep within the tree or shrub. Their finger rings and length also allow for maximum direction and shaping without collateral damage to adjacent foliage. A tool designed for precision pruning in tight places.

-D36.93163:Bud shear. a smaller , easy to handle tool that´s precise and packs a powerful for its size.

-D36.93164:Traditional Beginner Bonsai Shears. These large handled shears are an essential tool for all types of bonsai gardeners. The traditional shears are the most multi-functional of the shears and allow trimming of roots, branches and prominent buds or leaves. They allow movement of all kinds and the easy application of strength for roots and large branches. To assist with the large jobs and large number of uses, the blades are very sharp. This is another must-have for bonsai gardeners starting out.

-D36.93165:Concave cutter.The powerhouse in branch and root pruning, yet highly precise. Designed to take a concave bite out of the trunk when removing branches or limbs. the wound heals with very little scarring.

-D36.93166:Knob cutter.Similar to concave cutter but with a straight away, rounded shape. Perfect for branch cutting and root prunning.

-D36.93167:Bonsai wire cutters.These are specifically made for cutting bonsai wire. Beginners may try to substitute standard wire cutters, but they will soon see the need for the rounded head of the bonsai cutters. The specially designed wire cutters will prevent damage to the trunk and branches, but still maintain sufficient jaw pressure to cut evenly in precarious spaces or crevices.

-D36.93168: Root rake.Its single point, round hooked, steel end is used to separate and disentangle different sized roots, especially during transplanting or moving and repotting, without causing ancillary damage to a larger bonsai.

-D36.93170: Zip up leather look padded case with 6 bonsai tools.

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