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Wood burning stove. Model Sierra 60..
Wood burning stove. Model Sierra 60 and Sierra 90.
Traditional wood burning stove with an efficient combustion
Wood burning stove to suit your own individual requirements.

This wood burning stove model Sierra is designed to provide the maximum amount of calorific energy while achieving the most economical performance.

Wood burning stove. Model Sierra 60 and Sierra 90.

Wood burner stoves are an incredibly cost-effective way of heating a room. Wood burning stove model Sierra 60  is ideally suited for a 60 m2 room.

 A beautifully designed stove with clean lines that offers a system to optimize combustion and stove efficiency.

This contemporary wood burning stove is available in two different sizes that are best-suited for rooms up to 60 m2 and 90 m2. Custom manufacturing.


Sierra 60 : 280 mm Depth x 600 mm Width x 900 mm Height.



Sierra 60: 50 kg.



Flue outlet:120 mm diameter

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