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Handled short hoe for transplanting and cultivating small gardens.
Wooden gardening hoe.d03j010
Bond hand culti-hoe.
Short culti hoe available in a wide range of models.

Wooden culti-hoe Wooden gardening hoe. Gardening hoe and fork for tranplanting and cultivating. 2 prong culti- hoe.

Versatile 2 in 1 tool to break the ground  (with the fork) then dig for planting (with the hoe.) It is heavy duty but comfortable to use. Cultivate soil, break through clay, plant bulbs and chop roots. The heavy duty, sharp cutting edge is great for transplanting. Transplanting hoe, mattock and garden cultivator.

Wooden gardening hoe.d03j010

This culti-Hoe is the ultimate garden tool. This handy garden cultivating tool features heavy duty steel construction with a hardwood handle.

This product is available in different models:

*D03.J010: Wooden gardening hoe, 300 mm.

*D03.J011: 2 prong culti-hoe, 300 mm.

*D03. J012: 3 prong culti-joe, 300 mm.

*D03.J013: Gardening hoe and fork, 300 mm.

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