Structures and iron gates, sheets and profiles of stainless steel, glass shelves of Andreu Group.
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Funny wall clocks.
Original office wall clocks.bm6972
Original and funny wall clocks.
Golden finish metal wall clocks.

A wide selection of original clocks to help you fit your space, style and decoration needs. It is ideal to know wahat you do at certain time but you can use these clocks for decorative purposes.

Original office wall clocks.bm6972

Decorative wall clocks design options for all styles that are an easy way to add your personal touch to the wall.It provides solutions for home, offices, multi-media areas so we have a wide selection to help you fit your space, style and decoration needs. 

It is made of black metal.

Matrial type:S275JR

This product complies with the european standard requirements UNE -EN-10025-2/2006.

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