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High resistant polycarbonate structural sheets.
Polycarbonate structural sheets (PCSS) cellular.
Cellular polycarbonate used for skylights and canopies.
Thermal insulator polycarbonate.

Polycarbonate allows more light transmissionso it is a solution for applications such as canopies and barrel vault skylights.

Polycarbonate structural sheets are often used as translucent walls for curtain walls or office dividers.

Light weight also offers significant savings in transportation, handling and installation.

Useful features including: impact resistant and themically dynamic material.

Polycarbonate structural sheets (PCSS) cellular.

Cellular polycarbonate or polycarbonate structural sheets offers a multitude of design solutions for canopies, curtain walls, barrel vault skylights, greenhouses or dropped ceilings.

Useful features including:

High impact resistance.

Optical properties.

Heat resistant and flame retardant properties.

Co-extrusion ultraviolet light UV protection layer to eliminate yellowing with age.

High insulation value.

Lightweight and durability.

Cold bending.

*It is available in different thicknesses:

10mm, 16 mm and 25 mm.

*Price per m2.

NOTE: For any further information please to consult on our contact form.

Item size(width x lenght ) mm:
Item thickness(mm):
Item finish:

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