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Roof window available in teo finishes.

These centre-pivot roof windows are avaiable in white polyurethane or pine finish. The top control bar (allows fresh air in, even when the window is closed) make them easy to operate.These windows can be rotated 180º for cleaning and locked in place.

Open up your bathroom, kitchen or other high-humidity room with our white finish roof windows which are manufactured with a premium white polyurethane coating to protect the strong wooden core.
These roof windows can be manual or electrically operated that allows open the window at the touch of a button.

It can be installed into pitched slate roofs.

*Traverse drainage channel in terracotta colour ensures safe water drainage from above the window.

Model and dimensions:

C04 - 55 cm width x 98 cm height

M06 - 78 cm width x 118 cm height

M08 - 140 cm width x 78 cm height

Roof glazing:

3+3 laminated glass/14,5 mm insulating chamber Argón/4 mm tempered glass with solar protection coating

Roof window finish: pine or white polyurethane.

Operation: manual or electrically operated.

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Top-hung roof window.

Top-hung roof windows can be installed in roofs with low outwards to provide extra headroom and expansive views.VELUX top-hung roof windows open outwards to provide extra headroom and expansive views.These roof windows are available in either natural pine or white polyurethane finish. It opens to 30º or 45º.

30º Roof window opening opens to three set positions: 5º, 15º and 30º.It has a bottom handle for convenient opening.Our unique ventilation flap lts in fresh air even with the window securely closed.Rotates 180o for easy cleaning of outer pane.

45º Roof window opening opens to any position up to 45º and are ideal at creating a feeling of increased space, and panoramic views.

It can be installed on a profile roofing.

*We will provide a weathertight seal between your roof window and roofing material.



Model y size:

C04 - 55 cm width x 98 cm height

M08 - 78 cm width x 140 cm height

Standard glass:

VELUX glazing provides heat insulation, sound insulation, added strength and safety – and protection from the elements.

4mm float glass with thermal insulation/16 mm insulationf chambers of argon gas/ 4 mm toughened glass

Finish: white polyurethane or pine.

Operation: manually operated.

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Rigid or flexible sun tunnel.

VELUX sun tunnel system brings natural light into bathrooms,  hallways and other rooms where daylight only enters when you open the door.


Rigid sun tunnel.

Reflective coating allowing an internal reflexion of 98% .It is available with a diameter of either 250 mm or 350 mm. Two elbows joints are included.Integrated polyurethane flush frame with 4mm toughened glass with clear and clean coating on the outside and sash in ASA (ABS plastic).From 1,45m up to 1,85 m.

Flexible sun tunnel.

Easy to install.For roof space under cover with many existingobstuctions(structural supports).It is ideal for a ceiling to roof connection from 0,40 m of up to 2 m. in length. It comes complete with a double acrylic insulating pane.The 2 m super reflective, flexible tunnel has a diameter of 35cm.

For flat roofing and for profile roofing.

This sun tunnel  is available with a diameter of either 250 mm or 350 mm.

It can be installed into roofs with a pitch between 15º - 60º.

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Special flat roof windows.

This VELUX flat roof kerbs is a solution that allows an easy and quick installation with the quality and guarantee of VELUX.

VELUX flat roof windows enable daylight to enter your home, solar protection with VELUX blinds and shutters,and allows fresh air in, even when the window is closed with its ventilation flap.

  • VELUX roof window in wood or white polyurethane finish with an insulated timber kerb.   
  • Remote control  or manual   opening of the window.
  • With an angle of inclination of 19º.
  • Blinds and shutters for protection and decoration  can be added.
  • Inner frame made from varnished pine wood.
  • Insulating glazing with laminated security glass.                                                                                                                  


Available in wood or white polyurethane finish.

Glass: laminated  pane 3+3/14,5 Argon/4 toughened outer pane

It can be installed into roofs with a pitch between 0º-15º.

Model-Size(new installation windows):

C02 - 60 x 94 cm

C04 - 60 x 115 cm

F06 - 70 x 136 cm

M04 - 80 x 115 cm 

M06 - 80 x 136 cm

M08 - 80 x 159 cm

P04 - 100 x 115 cm

P10 - 100 x 181 cm

S06 - 120 x 136 cm

U04 - 140 x 115 cm

U08 - 140 x 159 cm

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